Student Loan Fund explains approval of 300,000 baht loan for Sisaket students

Bangkok, The Student Loan Fund confirms approval of a 300,000 baht loan for students in Sisaket Province to receive living expenses from August 2023.

Mr. Chainarong Kajchapanan, manager of the Student Loan Fund (SLF), revealed that in the case of the mother of one borrower in Kanthararom District, Sisaket Province, she stated that she had not received a loan of 300,000 baht for expenses. Pay and pay for your child's tuition. After his son applied for a loan from the Student Loan Fund for living expenses and tuition at a university in Sisaket Province, but it has not yet been approved. Even though it had been several months since he applied for the loan, he asked the Student Loan Fund to urgently approve the loan for his son.

In such cases, the fund I have checked and would like to confirm that the Student Loan Fund has approved the loan for semester 1 of the 2023 academic year for this student. and has already transferred living expenses of 3,000 baht per month to the said borrower From 10 August 2023 until the present This student has already received 6 installments of living expenses, totaling 18,000 baht, and has transferred the first semester's tuition in the amount of 45,475 baht to the educational institution. From September 5, 2023

Therefore, the news is inaccurate regarding the facts. However, in order to get clear details Tomorrow (11 Dec. 2023), the fund will send the fund's executives. Go see the mother of this borrower. To further investigate and clarify details to the borrower's mother, the Student Loan Fund would like to confirm that the Fund is an agency that provides educational opportunities to students. Needy students Those who have all the qualifications as specified by the fund Scheduled to receive the right to borrow every person.

Source: Thai News Agency