Warning: Dangerous phone number, tricked into logging in, draining all your money from your account.

Bangkok, "Karam" warns the people to be careful of the dangerous phone number 082-810-3575, a login scam that drains all the money from the account. He emphasizes that government officials have no policy to call the people.

Mr. Karom Phonphonklang, Deputy Spokesperson of the Prime Minister's Office, revealed that according to information that has been forwarded in various media about the issue of the dangerous phone number 082-810-3575, calling people to trick people into logging in. All the money was drained from that account.

Mr. Karom said that there are fraudsters impersonating officials of the Ministry of Finance. Using the phone number 082-810-3575 to call the public. and deceive by forcing them to revoke their rights to government projects that has expired and having people log in using the user name and password of the "Pao Ngern" app, which intentionally deceives people on social media, especially LINE, and also falsely claims that You have received special privilege documents from the Ministry of Finance. which is signed by the senior executive of the Ministry of Finance I ask people not to believe it. It is an impersonation of a criminal.

“I repeat, if you have the phone number 082-810-3575, don't answer. Block the number Confirming that the Ministry of Finance has not had any Ministry of Finance officials contact the public to revoke their rights to government projects, and there has been no right given to individuals to distribute money in various forms, as has been published. Including the Ministry of Finance, there is no LINE application at all,” Mr. Karom emphasized.

Source: Thai News Agency