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Police to seek arrest warrants for 51 police entrance exam cheaters

Police will on Wednesday seek court's warrants for the arrest of 51 mostly medical and engineering students suspected to be involved in the entrance examination cheating for enrollment into police academy for non-commissioned officers in metropolitan area.

The 51 suspects who were said to be the cream of university students face charge of being members of an illegal organization in accordance with Section 209 of the Criminal Code and charge of violating the Computer Crime Act.

Over 500 people were alleged to be involved in the cheating. They are divided into three groups: the cheat plotters; the hired examination candidates who sat the test and allowed their test papers to be copied by the real candidates and the candidates who paid the plotters to get test answers from the hired candidates.

A complaint has been lodged with Paholyothin police by Pol Col Uthen Nuipin, an examination supervisor, against a municipal policeman attached to the City Hall, Mr Jirapote Plaiduang, who allegedly schemed the cheat and hired medical and engineering students to sit the test in order to help the candidates in the written test.

It was reported that the gang charged candidates 500,000 baht per head for its fraudulent service to help them pass the examination.

The test was held on December 4 Ramkhamhaeng University's Huamark campus and at Bang Na campus. Similar tests were held in upcountry provinces under the jurisdiction of the provincial police bureaux.

The cheat was detected by Col Uthen who became suspicious after 13 candidates scored poorly in the test despite the fact that they made the right answers in their drafts. It was discovered that the answers were written in big characters clearly visible by the other candidates sitting nearby who could copy the answers.

Cheating was confirmed at the two examination grounds at Ramkhamhaeng University. Whether cheating also took place at the other exam grounds in upcountry provinces is under investigation.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)