Fixing the sentence of youth requires consultation with many agencies.

Government House, Minister of Justice Still haven’t received a detailed report on the case of a youth attacking “Auntie Buapan”. She admits she will follow the matter. As for correcting the law, youths made mistakes. It is a matter of the council. Need to discuss with many agencies

Pol.Col. Thawee Sodsong, Minister of Justice Referring to the case of a group of youths attacking Ms. Buaphan Tansu or Auntie Buaphan, age 47, who died in Sa Kaeo Province. Evidence was found that it was a youth aged 13-16 years who committed the crime, but the police arrested Auntie Buaphuan’s husband for prosecution and sent him to prison. They said that at this time they have not received details of this case. But I’ll go follow you.

When asked if the culprit in this case was a youth. Therefore, there was a call to amend the law regarding the penalty rate for youths under 15 years of age. The Minister of Justice said that amending the law is a matter for the Council, which has many child-related organizations. amending the la
w Need to consult with many agencies.

Source: Thai News Agency