MEA joins hands with Kasetsart University to provide renewable energy power generation system installation services.

Bangkok, MEA joins hands with Kasetsart University to provide installation and maintenance services for renewable energy power generation systems.

Mr. Wilas Chalaysat, Governor of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), along with Dr. Jongrak Watcharinrat President of Kasetsart University Participated in signing a contract to provide installation and maintenance services for energy-saving equipment in the electricity production system from renewable energy or alternative energy between the Metropolitan Electricity Authority and Kasetsart University, Bang Khen.

MEA Governor revealed that MEA is very pleased. who have collaborated with Kasetsart University, Bang Khen, this time by installing a 10.14 MWp Solar Rooftop will reduce the use of fossil energy by approximately 12,967.96 MWh/year, equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide by approximately 6,185.71 tonCo2/year, or equivalent to planting 351,461 teak trees. This is a famous project. Said it is also in line with the Carbon Neutrality target by 2050 to achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2065 according to the country's energy development plan.

The President of Kasetsart University said that this project is considered a social and environmental responsibility of both agencies, with a focus on reducing the country's greenhouse gas emissions. Consistent with the BCG Economy Model economic development model in the Green Economy or green economy. that takes into account the organization's activities that have a low impact on the environment Reduce global warming and is a sustainable development for the benefit of the university, society, people and our world.

For those interested in installing a solar power generation system on their roof (Solar Rooftop) that meets MEA safety standards, you can inquire for details at Electricity user information service center, Metropolitan Electricity Authority MEA Call Center 1130, including notification through various social media channels, including Facebook: Metropolitan Electricity Authority MEA, Line: MEA Connect, X: @mea_news available 24 hours a day.

Source: Thai News Agency