Democrats go to Phayathai area to fix PM 2.5

Bangkok, March 17- “Ong-ardt-Dr. Ae” with 2 deputy spokespersons of the Democratic Party in Phayathai area. Invade the Phayathai Children’s Center to see the problem of PM 2.5 and show the policy “Declaration of war on PM 2.5 dust” must be seriously suppressed

Mr. Ongart Klampaiboon, Deputy Leader of the Democrat Party along with Mr. Suchatwee Suwansawat Chairman of the Bangkok Policy Working Group, Mrs. Darunwan Chanpipattanachai, Deputy Spokesperson of the Party jointly participated in activities in the area of the Preschool Child Development Center in Lucha Flat Community. Phayathai-Ratchathewi District To see the impact of PM 2.5 toxic dust problems that occur in the area and the impact of the construction of nearby buildings Ready to exchange knowledge with representatives of the center and community representatives. about the impact of PM 2.5 dust on young children aged 0-6 years, with representatives from the Democrat Party Bangkok team and candidates for Phayathai-Ratchathewi District, Ms. Siripa Indaravichien, coordinating and discussing in the area

Mr. Ong said that from talking to a doctor who specializes in the respiratory system. Given that we are only made to realize that PM 2.5 dust is just dust. but from the study and research The word dust cannot be used to refer to PM 2.5 because PM 2.5 is a dangerous toxin. When a person inhales it, it gradually dies. It is also the cause of ischemic stroke, heart attack, autism and children in pregnant mothers. Deafness in both children and adults All types of cancer, lung disease, liver disease, and many others.

Mr. Suchatvee said that today we have brought a high-quality PM 2.5 dust meter to measure the dust in the area of the children’s center in the building with an air purifier. The PM 2.5 dust level is lower than the international standard. It is considered to be the dust that can be used. But when the door was opened outside It was found that the amount of dust was clearly 2 times higher. Exceeding international standards and affecting health Especially young children, where PM 2.5 dust greatly affects brain development.

“PM 2.5 dust is really dangerous. and stay with us every day Today, if we don’t declare war on PM 2.5, it won’t get better. Because we add it every day, traffic, irresponsible construction All of them are still going on every day. Democrat Therefore requesting to work for the people’s brothers and sisters to push for clean air legislation to encourage public participation Designate a low pollution area. Especially in areas with small children, the elderly, hospitals and schools as a model. in many countries that have been successfully done, such as in Tokyo Today, the Democrat Party wants to make changes in Bangkok. I want to protect all of our children and parents, ”said Mr. Suchatvee.

Ms. Siripa said that according to data from the World Health Organization, PM 2.5 pollution affects the health of children from the time they are in the mother’s womb. And increase the likelihood of acute infections in the upper respiratory tract that may result in the death of children under 5 years old. PM 2.5 dust is really deadly. can reach deep into the respiratory tract and lungs It poses a danger to the lungs, brain and heart of Thai people. The dust value is higher than the international standard. The time has come for us to seriously address the issue with a clean air law that will introduce low-pollution zones. Set a penalty for producing toxic fumes that exceeds the standard. Set up a committee to issue policies, monitor and inspect air-related details directly. as well as international cooperation to reduce pollution from burning in agricultural areas

“Thailand must come up with incentive measures to reduce the burning in agricultural areas, such as subsidizing the price of fresh sugarcane. to reduce the proportion of fire cane in the market Create incentives to increase green spaces by granting the right to reduce land tax and property tax for green areas. and promoting clean energy If today all sectors have not taken serious action Thailand will have a population born and raised in the midst of PM 2.5 dust, which is considered to have a serious impact. especially health Because the population who are born will have diseases and unusual bodies since birth with the above diseases, will definitely carry them until the day they die, ”said Ms. Siripha.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency