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Mahidol University disavows midnight statement

The Mahidol University issued a statement on its Facebook page on Sunday distancing itself from the statement of the university's Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies calling for an end to the use of Section 44 by the NCPO.

In the statement, Mahidol University said that the issuance of a statement opposing Section 44 by a group of people claiming to represent the institute in a way damaging to the Mahidol University was not an expression of academic freedom.

The university firmly believes that every citizen must follow the law for the sake of peaceful co-existence in the society, said the statement, adding that a panel has been formed to investigate the statement.

The statement which was issued at about 11 pm Saturday night on the social media said that Section 44 had been invoked too frequently and unnecessarily, citing NCPO orders to restructure the investment promotion board, the appointment of the new Pattaya mayor, change of the police promotion and appointment procedures, purge of the State Railway of Thailand governor and board.

The statement called for the NCPO to stop exercising Section 44.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)