The House of Representatives comes from the election. Do not edit categories 1-2.

Chusak" reveals the first referendum committee meeting will be on 10 Oct., setting a time frame for completion within this year. Adhering to the decision of the Constitutional Court, amend Section 256. The House of Representatives is elected by 200 people. Do not amend sections 1-2.

Mr. Chusak Sirinil, List of MPs Pheu Thai Party as acting Pheu Thai Party leader Revealing the first meeting of the committee that on Tuesday, October 10, the committee will study the referendum on the draft constitution A meeting will be called to discuss the case where the Progressive Party has not sent a representative to participate. and will adjust additional new committees How the adjustment will be made depends on Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister. As the chairman who will consider and also stand by the educational time frame. and the work of the committee The said study will be completed within this year as announced. You must find the conclusion that How to hold a referendum? And how many times must it be done? In order to organize the referendum According to the court's decision, it will be constitutional because at this time there is still an interpretation that Will there have to be a referendum 2 times or 3 times? Therefore, this matter Must discuss to reach a conclusion.

“Holding two referendums should be possible. That is, in amending the Constitution, adding Section 256 after Parliament approves it in the 3rd session, which will be the first referendum, and when the S.R.S. has come to draft a new constitution. When passing the opinion of Parliament It was brought to a referendum again. This will be the second referendum before being presented to His Majesty the King. Amendments to Section 256 of the Constitution must specify the details of the members of the Constitutional Drafting Assembly (SSO) and other conditions, such as prohibiting amendments to Section 1 and Section 2, specifying the origin. The S.R. is elected from a total of 200 people, or there may be some mixed from recruiting. It depends on the designation. But the Pheu Thai Party Initially set to be 200 people from all elections, and the SERC may have the power to appoint a committee to help draft the constitution, about 47 people, drawn from experts from various groups, to be diverse,” Mr. Chusak said

Source: Thai News Agency