Pickup truck drives in reverse, collides with truck, gas truck explodes, 18 injured

A pickup truck speeds in reverse on a road in the Nava Nakhon area, causing a crash, including a passenger van and a gas truck. Tanks strewn across the road, injuring 18 people. The driver of the pickup truck in reverse direction was chattering.

At the scene, a 4-door Isuzu brand pickup truck was found. The front side had been smashed and completely destroyed. and public passenger vans, line 338-20, running to pick up and drop off passengers Rangsit-Chiang Rak Noi The front was also completely destroyed. Including a pickup truck full of cooking gas. Turned on its side. Gas tanks strewn all over the road. And there are also motorcycles without the rider's license plate. The front was hit and damaged. As for the 18 people injured, there were 5 men and 13 women, a total of 18 people from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation staff and the Tha Khlong Municipal Rescue Vehicle. Taken to Karunwet Hospital and Thammasat Hospital honor

From the inquiry of Mr. Siriphong, 30 years old, the driver of the pickup truck in reverse direction. Said he went to see a movie at Lotus Navanakorn. I'm going home because he won't let me see it. And still talks confusedly Meanwhile, the driver of the pickup truck carrying gas said he would deliver the gas to a company in Nava Nakhon. Saw a pickup truck driving in the opposite direction very quickly. He therefore swerved and dodged until he lost control on his side. Then the pickup truck reversed and hit several cars driving in the straight direction.

Source: Thai News Agency