“MP Puad” the voice trembled. Embrace the party’s resolution

Bangkok, "MP Puad" accepts the party's resolution, apologizing to more than 40,000 votes for causing distress. Confirming that it was a personal fault, not related to the party. I still believe in moving forward. Ready to raise hands to support the committee to move forward. May this time be an important lesson.

Mr. Chaiyampawan Manphianchit, Member of Parliament for Bangkok, gave his first interview. After the Kao Klai Party passed a resolution to expel him from party membership. He said with a trembling voice and red eyes that at the beginning he had a rough idea. Regarding the resolution of the party moving forward and would like to accept the resolution of the party Because he had really caused the party a lot of damage. and send it to the people that he still wants everyone to have confidence in the party moving forward I want everyone to believe in themselves. MPs who are still in the Move Forward Party I still want everyone to believe that in the future Mr. Pitha Limjaroenrat Still suitable to be Prime Minister This time it is the individual, not the party.

Mr. Chaiyamphavan added that therefore, do not blame the party at all. Please take all the blame on yourself. He also wants everyone who still believes in the party's ideology to move forward. Still pushing and pushing the party forward all the time. He also wants all citizens to follow the law. Like the Progressive Party has said. Even though it's opposition But it will be a proactive opposition. The blame this time is himself alone. Not a progressive party There are still many things that I want everyone to focus on after this matter. Whether it is the matter of the new Land Allocation Act that is being submitted and revised, the proposal to dissolve the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC), the matter of universal welfare. Today in the area To want everyone to see that When we come out of the air conditioned room We see people who work hard to make ends meet. I want everyone to still believe that creating universal welfare is a policy that the Progressive Party is trying to push. It will create a country where everyone is equal.

When asked if I personally regret it or not. that in this case his own It will cause the party to move forward and lose confidence. And having this much faith in the people, Mr. Chaiyamphavan said it was all his own fault. It doesn't belong to the party at all. He still confirms that The Progressive Party is also a party with an ideology. There are still many talented people. Today it is the individual. He doesn't want everyone to go hunt witches. Or say anything to anyone The Progressive Party still insists on working for everyone. Both inside and outside the House of Representatives

When asked how do you personally decide? Because of this expression It seems that he doesn't want to leave the Progressive Party. Mr. Chaiyamphavan said that he did not say that he did not want to leave the Progressive Party. He just wants everyone to see that it's his own business, not the party's.

When asked whether he admitted to committing a crime in this case or not, Mr. Chaiyamphavan said that it was a justice process that saw that Someone filed a complaint with the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC).

When asked how he felt about what he had done Admit guilt or not? Or wait for the NACC's decision. Mr. Chaiyamphavan said that he is waiting for the NACC's decision.

When asked whether he still insists on continuing to work as an MP, Mr. Chaiyamphavan said that he still intends to work. Not just going to the area every day as normal. But we have to do many times more than before.

“I once said, Will work hard to do my best. From the first day until the last day of walking out of the House of Representatives, I have to apologize to all 47,650 voters that today caused many people distress. Including the Move Forward Party and society as well,” Mr. Chaiyamphavan said.

As for those close to him, they say that Mr. Chaiyaphawan It's not that wrong. Considered to be the idea of someone close to you Ultimately something is wrong. It was he who caused the party this much pain. There were many cracks as everyone could see. It was appropriate for him to be expelled by the party. And finally, I want the people Don't hold any grudges against the party. Because everyone in the party is trying their hardest to build the country of their dreams.

As for which political party he will belong to, Mr. Chaiyamwan said he has not yet thought about that matter. But what must be done now? There are still many problems. And we must ask the people where they want themselves to be. which he still has the same ideology from the Forward Party and also confirm Become an MP and when the justice process is finished, if you say that you are wrong, you will be ready to consider resigning.

When asked that he didn't resign because he was attached to his position or his mask, Mr. Chaiyamphavan said that everyone has the right to criticize and today he is like a child who has learned. And when he became an MP, he adapted and still says that today everyone can criticize him. Because he is a public figure Probably won't ask for another opportunity from the party. Because I believe that everyone has carefully considered. I wish everyone good luck.

When asked what lesson we learned this time, Mr. Chaiyamphavan said that this time was a huge lesson at his age, where he adapted and learned too late that he was already a public person. And it is a lesson that I would like to pass on to many people in the future. that when one is a public figure, some things may be done on the day one is a natural person But when you're a public figure, you can't deny that when you're a public figure you can't do anything and want your story to be a lesson to society and all fellow MPs, and a lesson for the future.

As for the party's statement, they do not feel remorse and do not sincerely apologize to the victims. Mr. Chaiyamphavan said that the word sincere can be interpreted in many ways. So I don't want to criticize. Because today he is just one person who has left the party. and didn't want to do anything that would taint the party even more. Because it is a house that has given its own opportunity and will ask to come out. and asks the party to move forward Following the party's ideology and being successful And one day the Progressive Party will be the government in the future.

As for the case where people close to him cut off the party logo, Mr. Chaiyamphavan said that cutting the party logo is a matter of human emotion. But he confirmed that if there is anything that he can help raise his hand in the House of Representatives, he will help push it as hard as he can.

When asking the guard how to explain for Allegations of sexual harassment Mr. Chaiyamphavan said he was struggling to speak again. Please stay in the part that needs to be clarified in the NACC. If you say anything more than that, it will not be good. Standing here, I accept and apologize to society. It is an important lesson in my life and I want it to be a lesson. Then I won't sue. I want it to end just like this. Request proof at the NACC level.

When asked if there was anything he wanted to tell the younger victim, Mr. Chaiyamphavan was silent for a while with red eyes. before saying in a sobbing voice, It's really difficult to speak. Because it's a team And he was one who had been cast out, many things had already been said. I would like to leave this as a lesson to society. Today I want everyone to look at their work. I want you to see that The area where they come to work is really difficult. Even in the Bangkok area

Mr. Chaiyapavan also explained the case of Khon Khong, saying that he is a person with this type of personality. When you meet someone, you both pay homage and bow in respect. and show respect to the people to show that MPs are not superior to anyone else.

Source: Thai News Agency