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“Chunlapan” still hasn’t explained the source of the 10,000 baht money, insists he will definitely go for it – will not borrow more.

Deputy Finance Minister has not yet explained the source of the 10,000 baht money, emphasizing that it will definitely move forward. Confirming no additional loans - no touching of national treasures - no ban on shopping at convenience stores. Ready to listen to the limitations and conditions of 4 km.

At Parliament today (11 Sep. 2023) Mr. Chulphan Amornwiwat, Chiang Mai MP, Pheu Thai Party, as Deputy Minister of Finance. Clarifying the implementation of the 10,000 baht digital wallet policy, confirming that this is the main flagship policy of the government. And such policy is not a policy to attract electoral votes. But the Pheu Thai Party sees that The Thai economy requires economic stimulation from the grassroots in every community, every region with the blockchain mechanism. Set the framework for spending money and build basic digital economic infrastructure for the country So that in the future people will be able to have a cash wallet. and digital wallet To prepare to support the event that Thailand can become a leader in the world's digital economy. which is an upcoming opportunity And Thailand needs to seize this opportunity.

along with explaining the source of the said budget that The process that the government will follow will be clear. He asked for time to check the details and move forward with the project, promising that in the end it would be clear. The entire budget framework and processing time Including the process of bringing the budget back in full within the specified period. It will definitely not affect public debt. It is not about borrowing more money and emphasizes that the government strictly adheres to the framework of financial and fiscal discipline. The government did not intend to touch the national treasures. Both Vayupak Fund Government Pension Fund international reserves and insured funds Because the government is aware of the objectives of various funds. Therefore, he called on MPs and Senators to be careful in discussing and presenting opinions. In order not to lead society to the point of misunderstanding. and affect the country's credibility in the framework of monetary and fiscal discipline.

Mr. Chulphan also clarified the conditions for using digital money within a 4-kilometer radius that the said policy is currently still being listened to. which has many proposals from the public sector and MPs and Senators The government will present various proposals. Let's consider taking action. It is for the greatest benefit of stimulating the economy this time, but confirms that the money will reach the hands of the people. and will definitely have the greatest benefit in stimulating the economy

As for the case where there is criticism of digital currency policy It will benefit big capitalists. or the prices of products and services will be unfair, Mr. Chulphan is confident that the majority of the people Once you have received the money, you will be able to manage your use of the money in a beneficial way. and can circulate in their own community To stimulate the community economy And such policy will not discriminate in that in the end, convenience stores or large capital will not be able to access the project. Therefore, people's rights must be given. and give confidence to the people in choosing to buy and consume, but the government will have new policies To motivate people to use the said money for their benefit, such as organizing groups of people to use the said money to pursue a career. or create benefits for the community People can expand their ideas. to be beneficial Can be grouped to buy factors of production To support career creation in the community Sharing the use of assets such as l arge agricultural machinery occurs. Therefore, the government believes that People will be able to decide to use the money to benefit themselves and their communities.

Mr. Chulphan also confirmed that The adoption of blockchain will bring transparency and accountability, he said, adding that such policies will be beneficial. and can be fully verified. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency