“Chaitawat” insists on voting for the second round of Prime Minister’s nomination for “Pita”

"Chaitawat" confirms, nominates "Pitha" to vote for the prime minister in the second round, saying it is his duty. "Going further - Pheu Thai", holding hands firmly Protecting the minority government, pointing out that amending Article 272 may be a way out for senators to feel at ease.

Chaitawat Tulathon, secretary-general of the Kao Klai Party Referring to the results of the joint discussions between the Kao Klai Party and the Pheu Thai Party yesterday (July 14), that the Kao Klai Party has confirmed that it will nominate Mr. Phitha. Lim Chareonrat far-reaching party leader Again at the council meeting on July 19, which the Pheu Thai Party will discuss. Yesterday's discussion included many topics, such as finding ways to prevent Because there is news that Sen. Some people have tried to propose an interpretation of the parliamentary rules of procedure. that the nomination for the Prime Minister's candidate Will it be able to repeat? Which has the same opinion that Those regulations cannot be interpreted. because the regulations are intended for general motions only But the choice of the prime minister is a specific case. which is stipulated by the constitution that if the prime ministerial candidate cannot be nominated repeatedly, it may cause problems in the future Or with the news that there will be a candidate for the Prime Minister From minority voices to competition They also discussed campaigning for more support.

When asked if there is a news flow that on July 19 there will be a nomination for General Prawit Wongsuwan, leader of the Palang Pracharat Party To compete with Mr. Phitha, Mr. Chaitawat admitted that this case was also discussed. which is the mission of all 8 parties, especially the far-reaching party and Pheu Thai Party to hold hands tightly to prevent the formation of a minority government Next week, an eight-party coalition meeting will be held on the morning of July 18 to coordinate. and talk and exchange

When asked if If the Constitutional Court accepts the petition Election Commission of Thailand (ECT) next week. Will it affect the Prime Minister's vote or not? Mr. Chaitawat said he did not discuss such matters. We already understand that This matter is not related. Like in the year 2019, Mr. Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit Former leader of the Future Forward Party Was ordered by the Constitutional Court to stop performing duties But still can nominate and vote in the council as usual confirm that this is not related whoever the allegation We must hold the presumption that they are innocent. until the final verdict

As for the case of the Kao Klai Party submitting a draft amendment to Article 272 of the constitution to turn off the switch, senator Chaitawat stated that the Pheu Thai Party had not objected. Because in the past, this has been pushed many times. As for the duration, will it catch up or not? Because it may take more than 4 months to complete the revision of Section 272, Mr. Chaitawat said it was not that much. but must understand that It's an optional offer. Parallel to the process of voting for the prime minister. because I don't know How many more times do I have to choose a prime minister? If I vote 3-4 times, it's already been a month. therefore proposed a solution that If the senator himself does not wish to exercise the right or wishes to abstain from voting or will not attend the meeting This kind of case would lead to a political dead end. and if the meeting can be arranged quickly which is regarded as the power of the Speaker of the Council if it passes term 1, if it is in a hurry It will take only 3-4 weeks to complete.

When asked about agenda 1, the vote of the senator must be used. 84 votes Mr. Chaitawat said that in the past there were more than 60 senators who had voted to turn off the switch and more than 10 senators voted for Mr. Phitha or some people who did not attend. meet or intended not to use the right to use the sound This way may be the way that senators are comfortable with. without having to vote against ideas At the same time, it does not hinder the election results. Which I personally believe is another way out. And it's another political alternative that can be done in parallel.

When asked if The negotiating team, in addition to asking for the voice of the senator to vote for Mr. Pita As the prime minister, he also proposed that the senators vote to amend the draft constitution, section 272 or not. Mr. Chaitawat replied that he could negotiate in parallel.

As for the case of Pol Gen Serupisut Temeeyawet, leader of the Seri Ruam Thai Party, specifying conditions, ready to join the government with all parties. Except Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, will it be a signal to break the line of 8 joint parties to form a government or not? and assess the situation periodically. There may be new offers coming in. In order to actually establish a government, reiterate that every proposal and every opinion can be discussed and exchanged .

Source: Thai News Agency