War elephants return to Thailand After completing the FIFA Day mission

Estonia Thai national team players Completed the FIFA Day mission in Europe. Departure back to Thailand The next match schedule, 2026 World Cup qualifying round, will meet China on 16 Nov.

October 18, 2023 at 2:00 p.m. (Thailand time) Mano Polking along with the Thai national team players Departure from Estonia After completing their mission in the FIFA International 'A' Match warm-up football match in Europe, they boarded a ferry to catch a connecting flight in Helsinki, Finland. and return to Thailand

By the atmosphere of the trip, the athletes and all the teams Take the ferry on the Business Lounge floor, which is comfortable and fully equipped with amenities. and lots of food

During the trip, Chakphan Praisuwan, defender of the Thai national team, Opening up about the game with Estonia, “It was a game that all of us were very focused on. As many people know that in the previous match we did not perform well Therefore, we expect to do our best.”

“That goal took a lot of pressure off my chest. It was a lot of things. I believe everyone saw my tears. That is really the answer.”

“This team is made up of almost all new players. Even myself, even though I have been on the team many times But didn't get to experience the game much. This time I was happy. Everyone adapts to each other. After the first match that went wrong Everyone is getting closer to each other. Coming on a European tour was a great experience. I think the players who came were lucky. We got a lot of things like speed on the ball and a lot of things that we can adapt to.”

For the next program of the Thai national team is the 2026 World Cup qualifying round, Asia Zone, Group C, the first match that will meet China at Rajamangala Stadium on November 16, 2023 at 7:30 p.m. - Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency