Preparing to conclude the Asian Games Thai athletes win 12 gold medals

Summary of the performance of the Thai national team athletes. that is both able to meet the target and missed the target in many sports Before the closing ceremony of the 19th Asian Games begins in Hangzhou, China this evening.

The 19th Asian Games, Hangzhou Games 2022, are preparing to officially conclude this evening. At the giant lotus field The performance of the Thai national team athletes sent to compete in the Asian Games this time was the highest, reaching 939 people in 40 sports, competing for 481 gold medals, Sports Photojournalist Association of Thailand. Who set a goal of 15 gold medals, achieved only 12 gold medals, 14 silver medals, and 32 bronze medals, but were still able to rank number 1 in ASEAN by defeating Indonesia, the previous host.

When the results of the 48 Thai sports associations that participated in the competition in this program There are both those who exceed the target and meet the set target. But there are many associations that disappointingly miss the mark. The 12 gold medals achieved came from 6 sports associations. The sport that won the most gold medals according to the set target was Sepak Takraw, which swept all 4 gold medals submitted for competition. Even before the competition, there was drama over the athletes' share of the prize money, causing the team to be in chaos. But the athletes still joined forces and united as one until they were able to achieve their goals. The new position of President of the Takraw Sports Association of Thailand begins with "Big Tom" Thana Chaiprasit, head of the Thai national team.

The other 5 sports associations exceeded their set targets. Starting with the first association, Taekwondo, which won 2 gold medals from "Nong Tennis" Panipak Wongpattanakit, who defended the women's 49 kilograms championship against "Yu" Banthong Tubtimdang, the men's 63 kilograms, and won another. 2 bronze coins

Association number 2: Golf, which first came to aim for a medal. Because this Asian Games is the first time. that allows professionals to participate in the swinging duel But exceeded the target by 2 gold medals and 1 silver medal from the leadership of the team of "Pro Piano" Apitchaya Yubon, who won both the women's individual championship and the women's team of the 3rd and 4th associations from water sports, namely sailing. Targeted 1 gold medal but ended up winning 2 gold medals from M.L. Wekha Panuphan and Nopphatsorn Khunbunchan and Windsurfing, who set a target for 2 bronze medals but ended up winning 1 gold medal, 2 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals. Association 5, E-Sports, set a goal of 1 gold medal and 1 silver medal, but won 1 gold medal from Teedet Songsaisakul and 1 silver medal and 2 bronze medals.

This time's performance in the Hangzhou Games was "Big Tom" Thana Chaiprasit, head of the Thai national team. It is seen that there are many factors that prevent athletes from achieving their goals. But many associations did better than expected. Although unable to win the gold medal But being able to win a ticket to the 2024 Olympic Games, the sweat and energy of every athlete who has dedicated is something admirable. But what everyone is hoping and watching for is the worthiness of the budget that has been invested for the happiness of the people. and sustainable development of the skills and abilities of Thai athletes.

Source: Thai News Agency