Recommend adding more lines to report information about call center gangs. For 14 days, the number of calls will increase to 38,000 calls.

Bangkok, The DE committee recommends opening an additional line for the AOC center, hotline 1441, to report information about call center gangs, revealing that 38,000 people called in 14 days.

Miss Teerarat Samretwanit, MP for Bangkok, Pheu Thai Party, as Chairman of the Communications, Telecommunications, and Digital Economy and Society Committee, said that the Communications Committee A meeting was held to consider solving the problem of electronic crime (Cyber Crime) by inviting the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society. Access the report on the performance of the AOC (Anti Online Scam Operation Center) hotline 1441 after opening for service on November 1st. It was found that there were 38,564 calls from the public during the first 14 days (1-14 Nov. 2023), especially during the first week. Incoming calls skyrocketed from approximately 1,000 calls to more than 3,000 calls, while the account freeze operation totaled 2,671 accounts, which is considered to be working quickly and responding promptly to the suffering of the citizens. We highly appreciate the work of the staff at the AOC Center and the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society.

However, there is still a problem that Among the total number of incoming calls, there were both repeat calls and follow-up calls. Called but waited a long time and called again. which is a very high number Sometimes victims who have really urgent matters There may be a delay in sending the matter to officials. The Communications Committee is of the opinion that the AOC Center should add more lines to accommodate incoming calls. Meanwhile There should be an online channel open. To report clues to the call center gang For faster communication and problem solving.

To achieve the goals of AOC Center 1441 with full efficiency, which are:

Immediately freeze the criminal's account for the victim.

Follow up on the status of solving problems for victims at every step immediately.

Accelerate the return of money to victims

Increase the efficiency of arrests and prosecutions and expand the results of cases. By using digital technology to help with data integration. and work together immediately with all relevant departments When notified by the victim

“The AOC Center was established during the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society. In the government under the leadership of the Pheu Thai Party Able to respond well to the suffering of the people In order to promote better problem solving among the people. and prevent the creation of suffering for the people Increasing the number of lines therefore increases the opportunity to work for the people in another way,” Ms. Teerarat said.

Source: Thai News Agency