Holding hands and shooting an enemy in the middle of Patong, 3 injured

Phuket, Police arrested the shooter who shot a rival in the middle of Patong, injuring three people. It was found that he used to be a cheerleader for guests at different bars. Before meeting again and an argument ensued

From the shooting incident in which there were injuries in the parking lot on Bangla Road, Patong Subdistrict, Kathu District, Phuket Province, resulting in 3 people being injured, Patong Police Station were able to arrest the perpetrator along with a gun. The revolver is .38 caliber and the perpetrator used to be a child cheering on guests in Soi Bangla. and have had problems with the other party who was a kid cheering on guests at a bar last year Then the perpetrator disappeared for a while. When returning to meet the old rival Arguments and fights ensued. Before using the firearm he carried to shoot at the opposing party and the person who came to stop him until he was injured. Initially, he was charged with attempted murder and carrying a firearm in a city, village or public way without reasonable cause. and shooting guns in public places.

Source: Thai News Agency