“Phra Phayom” criticizes the amulet cookies. I’d suggest changing to a different picture.

The world of social media is heavily debated. In the case of a handmade dessert shop making cookies in the shape of Phra Somdej and Phra Phayom, it was pointed out that it might affect the hearts of people who believe and worship. It is suggested that changing to another image would be more appropriate.

From the case of a bakery group in the social media world Shared a post of a handmade dessert shop making cookies in the shape of amulets filled with pineapple. Netizens came out to discuss the inappropriateness. Shouldn't be played along with calling on the Buddhist Office to come and investigate Until it became a big thing

Today, reporters went to Wat Suan Kaew, Bang Len Subdistrict, Bang Yai District, Nonthaburi Province, to inquire with Phra Phayom Kanlayano, the abbot of Wat Suan Kaew. Regarding the appropriateness of the case of cookies being printed with images of amulets, Phra Phayom said that I used to make cookies when there was Jatukam Ramathep. But this time the news is of a picture of Phra Somdej. If you don't have a disdainful heart It is good to remember the Buddha's virtues. But if you do it and you look lower, it's not good. If making food or dessert Nowadays, there are many other logos made. You should make another picture that will look better. If you give me advice, can I change it? A more appropriate form might be the Dhamma Chakra Sema image, but the imitation of the Somdej coin. It may affect the feelings of those who worship it. Can be avoided, should be avoided

This is from examining the fan page of Ton Thuan's dessert shop. Found a product called “Satiros Phra Dhamma Cookies” which are amulet-shaped and stuffed with jam. that looks very realistic Since around July, in addition to "Amulet cookies," the shop also has amulet cookies framed in gold. to superstitious amulet cookies until it was liked by netizens Appreciated in creative ideas And the craftsmanship is so realistic that you want to order and give away.

After becoming a drama in the online world The shop is still accepting orders. “Cookies with the taste of Dhamma” for the Christmas season and the new year is As for the Buddha image mold Reporters investigated and found that there are many forms for sale in online sales apps.

Source: Thai News Agency