A homeless man burns the Giant Lady at Saengchan Beach. Villagers fear gender

Rayong, A homeless man burns a giant female figure. Along Saeng Chan Beach, Rayong Province, vendors help put out the chaos. The sash was found completely burnt. So he changed it for a new one. The villagers feared a bad omen causing bad luck.

A fire broke out on the giant female figure. or Mrs. Panthurat which the Rayong Municipality placed on the road along Saengchan Beach, Mueang District, Rayong Province, almost 20 years ago, after an incident occurred, nearby villagers Vendors and merchants helped each other carry buckets of water to spray to stop the fire. It took about 15 minutes for the fire to be extinguished and the sash covering the giant female figure was found completely burnt. and burned the brass statue of Phra Aphai Mani that the devout villagers brought to pay homage to the giantess. Including various vow items The items that the villagers brought to offer as offerings and vows were damaged. After that, the villagers helped scrub and clean the statue. Along with bringing a new piece of cloth to change to the giant statue. First bring a garland of flowers, incense sticks and candles to ask for forgiveness.

Mrs. Rattana, 52 years old, a vendor on Saengchan Beach near the giant statue. Revealed to have seen a homeless man who was mentally unstable. Walk around the statue of the giant queen. and walked around behind the giant female statue. Then, a cloud of smoke quickly rose up. So he shouted to nearby vendors to bring water to help extinguish the fire. As for the homeless man, he ran away and disappeared. Fortunately, the giant queen statue was not damaged. There was only soot from the fire and plastic stains from the fire that had melted on the statue of the giant queen. and only dripped onto the Phra Aphai Mani statue placed below This incident caused villagers and merchants to fear that it was a bad omen that something sexual would happen.

For the giant statue Rayong Municipality It was brought to be installed as a landmark and photo spot for tourists. Along Saengchan Beach Later, vendors and tourists brought garlands to pay homage for good fortune and to ask for blessings. Wish you luck and success. Job duties love story Therefore, it is believed that the statue of a giant woman is very sacred. You can see that the villagers brought them to make offerings all over the area. Ready to appeal to relevant agencies to take care of it. To prevent such an incident from occurring again.

Source: Thai News Agency