“Jurin” points out that it is the government’s duty to hasten the referendum to amend the constitution.

Jurin" points out that it is the government's duty to rush to hold a referendum to amend the constitution because the announcement is an urgent policy. As for setting up a committee to study guidelines for holding a referendum before amending it. Can anyone read the Constitution to pass the time?

Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Acting Leader of the Democrat Party and Democrat Party List MP. Give opinions on corrections The government's constitution states that The Democrat Party is ready to support constitutional amendments that will lead to greater democracy. with the condition that Section 1 and Section 2 must not be touched and when the government has stated its policy to Parliament that amending the Constitution is an urgent matter. It is the duty of the government to expedite this. which the Constitutional Court had previously ruled that the amendment Many constitutional issues require a referendum first. Therefore, before proposing a draft amendment to the Constitution, the government has a duty to move forward with the matter of holding a referendum quickly. As for the main issues that will be asked in the referendum, It is a matter that the government should have guidelines from the time of campaigning or should have clear guidelines even before announcing the policy to Parliament because the announcement is an important urgent policy. and cannot be thrown out as a matter for the council

As for the Cabinet's decision to set up a committee to study guidelines for holding a referendum before amending the constitution, is it considered an extension of time? Mr. Jurin said that anyone could tell if he was prolonging his time or not. which the government may be afraid that if it is finished quickly There may be a question about the dissolution of parliament

Source: Thai News Agency

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