Crying: “Child” was attacked by a gang of youths. After trapping money and not being able to get it

Bangkok, A teenager sets up a gang of thugs to extort money from students, 5-10 baht per time. The parents couldn't bear it and brought their children to report the crime. Request government agencies to help ensure safety After the school rejected Said he had no authority to act.

At 1:00 p.m., parents of students at a school in the On Nut area traveled to Khlong Tan Police Station to complain to the media. After being attacked by a gang of approximately 4-6 youths between the ages of 12-15 years, they set up a gang to extort money from their children. After school When you don't, you will harm your body. It has happened many times before. Complain to the educational institution to help take care of safety. Instead, it was rejected. It is claimed that the youth who committed the crime has already resigned from the institution. Therefore, there is no power to dissuade it.

Ms. Orapin, 41 years old, the mother of a 7-year-old and 10-year-old boy, brought her son and one grandson to Khlong Tan Police Station to identify the accused of extorting money several weeks ago. Ms. Orapin said that 2 weeks ago The youngest son, age 7, told himself that there was a group of seniors. Sitting and smoking cigarettes In front of the alley near the school, about 5-7 people, armed with large knives and sickles, walked in and asked for 5 baht while walking home with my brother. But the son said there was none. So he was captured. Then the group of seniors searched their shirt pockets and trouser pockets. and received 5 baht from his brother's pocket, one of the senior gang will hurt my brother That says there's no money. But there is one in that group. Said he would leave it to the child. And I've been like this 2 times in the past and have complained to educational institutions. Asked to help ensure the safety of their children and other children as well, but the school refused, claiming that this group of children had already dropped out of school. So I can't do anything. He also asked that he not complain to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, fearing that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration would come and investigate. and fear that the school's reputation will be damaged

But after hearing the news that a 14-year-old Mathayom 3 student at the same school was attacked and injured last Friday. So I don't ask for any more patience. It is necessary to request the media to act as a medium to government agencies. Both the Ministry of Education Bangkok including police and community groups Let's help each other to solve this problem. For the safety of students This school as well. Importantly, Bangkok should come in and install CCTV cameras. In a place that is still precarious To make it easier to check if something unexpected happens like a 14 year old Mathayom 3 student.

Mr. Anon's side The older brother of a 14-year-old Mathayom 3 student who was assaulted and injured brought his younger brother to Khlong Tan Police Station to identify the perpetrator. He opened up to the Thai News Agency news team that this kind of incident should not have happened. Because the scene of the incident is very close to the school. In the educational area or nearby It should be a safe source. for school children But this time, the younger brother was attacked and injured. To the point of bleeding out Currently waiting for medical results from the police hospital. whether the injury was more severe than the condition seen or not

Mr. Anon stated that On Friday after school my younger brother traveled home When arriving at the scene of the incident at the entrance of Soi On Nut 17, Intersection 24, a group of approximately 6 youths gathered together in that area. He walked up to him and asked, "Do you have 10 baht?" The younger brother said he didn't have any and walked away, but was followed and attacked. He accused his younger brother's walking posture of disturbing him. His younger brother was punched in the nose and his nose was bleeding. Forehead and ears He was also kicked in the back.

After the incident, they asked for images from CCTV cameras in Bangkok and posted the images on Facebook. It appeared that there were parents of the students. Another two people at the primary school level inquired and said that their children were also affected.

For this case, after the incident occurred, her younger sister brought her younger brother to report the incident at Khlong Tan Police Station and this morning was contacted by the police investigating department to identify the perpetrator. Recently, a total of 3 people were arrested, one youth between the ages of 12 and 2 15 years old. The other person appears in the clip. The 15-year-old ringleader managed to escape. and know that this person is the big ringleader There is a case recently released from the probation center for seriously injuring another person. Confirmed that he would like to proceed with the case to the utmost extent. Because if you let it go This group of children will create more trouble for other children.

Source: Thai News Agency