Unrelated to “Thaksin” staying in hospital for 100 days.

Warawut" Minister of Social Development believes "Seththa" took a leave of absence not related to avoiding "Thaksin", staying in the hospital for 100 days.

Mr. Warawut Silpa-archa, Minister of Social Development and Human Security Gave an interview about the criticism of Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Finance Minister, taking vacation from 19-22 Dec. as a form of refuge. Because it was the time when Thaksin Shinawatra was in the hospital for exactly 100 days or not. Don't beat yourself up before you get sick. Because the Prime Minister has been working on a non-stop basis for the past three months. The Prime Minister's right to request leave I think it shouldn't have anything to do with other cases.-313.

Source: Trend News Agency