A female Ph.D. student climbed out of a window to escape a drunkard who attacked her room at 4 a.m. and fell from the 6th floor and died.

Father of a Ph.D. Asking for justice after her husband, the manager of the mansion, got drunk and broke into the room. The daughter was startled and climbed out of the window. Causing him to fall from the 6th floor and die. The dormitory housekeeper explained that the young man who smashed the room was just a renter. Police have filed 3 charges against the perpetrator of the incident.

Mr. Ekaphob Luangprasert The founder of the Saimai Tong Rod page mentioned the case of Ms. Aphaporn or Fern, age 27, who fell from the 6th floor of a mansion in the Lat Pla Khao area. Because she was frightened, the husband of the mansion manager (the perpetrator) broke into the room and knocked loudly at 4:00 a.m. saying the incident happened on December 13th. Currently a Ph.D. student Department of Physics Faculty of Science One famous university In a few months I will graduate and receive my degree. The younger one stayed at this mansion for a short time. Until the day of the incident, the mansion manager's husband went up and knocked on the room door very loudly. and use words to make loud noises Because I understand that the younger brother parked his motorcycle on top of his own parking space. Because I heard it from the housekeeper who took care of the mansion. that the motorcycle that was parked may have belonged to Nong. At the time of the incident, Nong was staying on the 6th floor, but a friend on the 3rd floor also heard a loud noise. This made him quickly message his friend on the 3rd floor to help him, but his friend still didn't dare go up to help. because it is feared that the perpetrator may have a weapon So he hurried down to the first floor to call the security guard, but in the meantime he was afraid that the perpetrator would break into the room and wanted to escape, so he climbed onto the balcony behind the room to cross to the next room, but ended up falling off the building. A sixth-floor room crashed through the garage roof onto the ground floor. My friend and the security guard who was about to go up to see him were very shocked by what had happened.

Mr. Somchai, 60 years old, father of the deceased, said that his daughter has been afraid of loud noises since childhood and is very sad. He has a daughter who is a good student and is a scholarship student. But he died from the actions of someone who was unconscious and intoxicated. Because of a misunderstanding that his daughter had parked her motorcycle. It is believed that the perpetrator resembles a person who drinks alcohol. But there was no drug test. Because it is considered that it is only a matter of reason for parking on the motorcycle. Why must it be so crazy? After all, the motorcycle didn't belong to her daughter. Therefore, I want the perpetrators to have some conscience. and asked the police to help prosecute the case to cover all matters

In the afternoon, the Sai Mai Must Survive page team brought the deceased's father to the said mansion. To contact and inquire about what happened The building housekeeper said The culprit was a renter. Not the husband of the building manager as reported. He felt remorseful about the incident. I cried and went to light incense and ask for forgiveness the next morning. After the incident The owner of the building ordered him to move out immediately. It is not an escape aid. But he is considered a dangerous person. However, he is not normally a violent person. But probably very intoxicated Until something happened When he called I didn't think that something like this would happen. He only gave the description of the car. The registration number was not given. The building department felt sorry for the incident. Will help cover funeral expenses. As for evidence from CCTV cameras Confirm that it is complete. and has already given it all to the police

Meanwhile, Chokchai Police Station has questioned the perpetrator. He claims he was drunk and mistook him for an old party who had parked his car. So he asked the housekeeper whose car it was. But the housekeeper said it was the wrong room. So he appeared in front of the deceased's younger brother's room. So he shouted there. But he did not intend to cause the younger brother to fall from the building to death. The police filed 3 charges of trespassing at night and threatening to use force. and makes loud noises that annoy people

Source: Thai News Agency