Two husband and wife buy old things and dismantle bags of fertilizer. Found a head explosion, injured 3

Kanchanaburi, 2 people almost died, a husband and wife bought old things and dismantled bags of fertilizer. Found the head of an explosion Throw it on the ground and it explodes. Three villagers sitting under a tree were injured and were initially in stable condition.

Officers collect explosives Border Patrol Police Division 13 and Forensics Division officers, together with Phanom Thuan Police Station, Kanchanaburi Province, inspected the area under the trees in front of the house where the incident occurred. Nong Samrong Village, Village No. 17, where the explosion occurred. by scene Blood stains were found scattered all over the road. Continuing to the side of the road near a pickup truck collecting junk. and recyclables parked For this reason A total of 3 people were injured and their bodies were injured by the explosion. Rescuers transported him Chaokhun Paiboon Phanom Thuan Hospital Initially, the symptoms are safe.

From the investigation of the scene Bomb disposal kit Found 11 neck ball or cannon ball detonators, ready to explode. Therefore use caution in collecting and destroying While investigating officials Found before the incident, Mr. Kraisorn and Ms. Yuphin, a husband and wife couple, were driving a pickup truck to buy antiques and parked to buy recycled trash. In front of the house there was an incident. With Aunt Sanit sitting at the table watching. During that time, fertilizer bags were dismantled and emptied to separate recyclable waste. and found the detonator, Mr. Kraisorn picked up the detonator and threw it on the ground, causing an explosion. The officials will interview the injured person again in detail.

Meanwhile, Mr. Charoon Thongkalai, assistant village headman, Village No. 5, Nong Rong Subdistrict, said that before the incident, they were sitting in a group talking together in the area where the incident occurred. Then a car buying antiques stopped in front of the house. So he walked back home. But in the meantime, a loud explosion was heard. So he rushed back to see three villagers who were injured. In Phanom Thuan District, there were villagers who went to look for forest products. Then they often brought the bombs back to sell to make money. This happens often. Ready to leave a warning Do not go collect bombs or if you find a bomb, inform the relevant officials to come and destroy it.

Source: Thai News Agency