“Treenut” inspects the quality school, pointing out that the transition from Non-Formal Education to Sor Kor went well.

Udon Thani, July 14 – The Minister of Education visited the area to inspect quality school projects in Udon Thani province, revealing that the performance during the transition from Non-NFE to NFE is generally going well.

Today (July 14, 2023) in Udon Thani Province, Ms. Treenuch Thienthong, Minister of Education (Minister of Education) visited the area to inspect the implementation of the policy of the Ministry of Education (MOE) in the project. quality school of the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) at Nong Wua So Kindergarten Then travel to Nong Wua So District Learning Promotion Center. Meet the executives of the District Learning Promotion Center (District Sor Koror) in Udon Thani Province To listen to the performance during the transition from the Office of Non-formal Education and Informal Education (NFE) to the Department of Learning Promotion (SorKor.), with Mr. Warin Wirunphan office director Sor Kor. Udon Thani Province welcome

Miss Treenut said that Nong Wua So Kindergarten School Teaching and learning from Kindergarten 2 to Grade 3 is a quality primary school. that has raised the school to be a learning center and share resources with 12 schools in the network, which from the visit found that The school has a variety of activities for children to choose from, such as activities that love reading. held every day at noon for children to solve the problem of learning regression, learning mental arithmetic Training to develop both hemispheres of the brain, etc., and has consistently organized teaching and learning with network schools. In the academic year 2023, a drowning survival course was organized. Share a swimming pool, organize an English for Communication course academic camp. by bringing students from network schools to study, organizing career courses such as tie-dye fabric, Eco print fabric, leaf print fabric monetization invention out to serve network schools, Open to network schools to observe teaching and learning management. and reflect on the results of joint learning management for development

“The strength of this school is that it has dedicated teachers and personnel. making the school a quality school Know what problems students have create innovations, find activities to solve those problems and expanding the results to the school network There is good sharing of resources. And should be a model for other quality schools, ”said the Minister of Education.

The Minister of Education went on to say that For the work during the transition from the Office of Non-Formal Education to the Office of Non-Formal Education, in the overview of teaching and learning management and organizing activities for the public of agencies in the Udon Thani office is going well which the province would like to see the announcement of the establishment of the Provincial Sor Kor Office and the District Sor Kor Office, as well as its subordinate agencies Clear out as soon as possible. For the convenience of coordinating with various agencies in the area, however, he emphasized the preparation and implementation of learning management according to 3 new missions, namely lifelong learning. learning for self development and learning to qualify by level. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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