The discussion group on the new constitution was lively, with people joining in to listen.

Parliament, People attended a discussion on what the new constitution would look like. "Chusak" stated that if the amendment to the Constitution is not successful, Section 256 should be blocked. It should be clearly written that there will be no amnesty for a coup - the coup must end and the draft law. Bank of Thailand by MPs

Constitution Day Celebration 2023 in a discussion on the topic “What does the new constitution look like?” Participants in the discussion included Mr. Chaithawat Tulathon, leader of the Progressive Party, Mr. Chusak Sirinil, deputy leader of the Pheu Thai Party, Mr. Rames Rattanachaweng, spokesman for the Democrat Party, Mr. Nikorn Chamnong, spokesman for the Committee for Consider studying the guidelines for holding a referendum. To resolve the problem of differing opinions regarding the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand 2017, Mr. Parit Watcharasin, spokesman for the Progressive Party and Mr. Yingcheep Atchanon, representative of iLaw Group With Mr. Kriangkrai Homchanthet as the program host. which had a large number of people attending to listen

Mr. Chusak said that the goal is that the new constitution should have members of the Constitutional Drafting Council to draft it. To see that it is a constitution that comes from the people Do it for the people It's for the people. If this is the case, there are MPs who think that we will be successful. It is up to the MPs to draft the draft. But I believe that if the process has MPs representing the people to draft the draft. The constitution will definitely be democratic. Currently, many parties are trying. If they are unsuccessful, they will not be able to draft a new constitution. He thought he would stay in the same place. And using this draft will not be beneficial to the people.

Mr. Chusak also said that, however, the most important thing is that Section 256 must be repealed or amended, which we are currently stuck with. Because it is time to amend this section We are stuck with the condition that says There must be a voice of 1 out of 3 senators supporting it in order to see that. We drafted several constitutional amendments. But in the end it was never successful. For the reason that the votes of less than 1 in 3 senators think that we must extract Section 256 in order to make this constitution dynamic. and can be edited at any time It is also believed that This constitution has problems with the process of balancing power between the executive branches. Legislative branch and the judiciary Including the check and balance of power of independent organizations. Therefore, the origin of independent organizations Constitutional Court In the past, the country's problem was that we were not treated fairly. In the end, it is not possible to inspect the independent organization and the court if it decides anything. This person also resigned from his position. Because we give him power until unable to balance power

Mr. Chusak also said that adjusting the organization in the constitution to achieve a balance of power is important. He agrees with the ideas of many academics. that from now on an independent organization should come from Parliament. However, we have had many constitutions passed. But a lot of it came from the coup. It was caused by the establishment of a committee to draft the constitution that came from the coup. It turns out that the number of democratic constitutions is less than the number of constitutions that come from coups. Therefore, coups are a big problem for the country. and is a major obstacle to democracy We must write it in the constitution: Do not allow a coup. If anyone commits a coup There is no statute of limitations. There is no amnesty. The most important thing is We must make it impossible for the courts and the justice system to accept the coup. And the issue of the coup must end.

Mr. Chusak also spoke about the process of drafting the constitution. There must be a referendum to ask the people first whether it is appropriate to have a new constitution or not. His opinion was the same as Mr. Chaithawat's stated that there must be a referendum 3 times, that is, the question was asked when there was no draft before the parliament. But when the people saw it was appropriate, they came to amend Section 256 to allow for the creation of MPs. Then they asked the people again. But now there is the opinion of one side who has looked at the decision of the Constitutional Court in detail and found that The issue of how many referendums will be held? We never asked the Constitutional Court. And it is still a matter of debate. How many referendums will be held? If the referendum is held 2 times, it is said that 4,000 million baht will be saved.

“Confirming that the preparation of a new constitution must come from the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives should be elected by the people. because they believe that a good constitution Drafting process The origin of the drafter Need to be connected to the people Emphasizing that the S.R.S.R. process should take place. And it should happen quickly. In order to allow the process of drafting a new constitution to move forward on count one,” Mr. Chusak said.

Source: Thai News Agency