Screaming in the hall “Tao-Nat” with a couple singing for the first time in 20 years

Nine Entertainment, July 30 – is considered another highlight of the GRAMMY X RS: 90's Versary Concert, where the former couple "Tao-Somchai Kamkaew" and "Nut Myria" sing together for the first time. because earlier there was a picture behind the scenes of the rehearsal where the two met and hugged each other with warm friendship

On the actual stage, this scene also happened during the rhythm of the performance of “Nat Myria” while singing. "Love doesn't help anything" and suddenly "Tao Somchai" appeared to the fans. join in singing Calling the sound of screaming Hall "Nut" also teased the other party that “This song has been 20 years, compose it for you. We'll marry you."

Source: Thai News Agency

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