MRTA inspects safety of the Pink Line electric train

Nonthaburi, MRTA visits the construction site for the Pink Line MRT project. Khae Rai-Min Buri section Continue to inspect safety in operations.

Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand by the safety office Occupational Health and Working Environment (MRTA) leads a team of officials into the construction area of the Pink Line MRT project. Khae Rai-Min Buri section From the areas of Nonthaburi Government Center Station (PK01), Chaloem Phrakiat Government Center Station (PK12) and the National Telecommunications Station (PK13) to inspect construction operations according to safety measures, such as checking various equipment to ensure it is complete and ready for use. always Cover piles of materials and various equipment. Keep it organized while waiting for use. and maintain and improve pedestrian walkways In the case where there is construction activity that disturbs the flow of people on the existing sidewalk. In order for people to receive the most convenience and safety in traveling.

Conducting the construction of the project, MRTA continues to instruct all officials to strictly follow construction safety measures. Especially working at heights To be consistent with “Declaration on Safety in Construction of the Zero Fatal Accident Mass Rapid Transit Project” including environmental operations To reduce the impact on the people

You can follow up and ask for information on the progress of project operations. at the website and Line : @MRTPinkLine and Facebook fan page Pink Line Project Khae Rai-Min Buri section Or follow additional MRTA news at the MRTA website and Facebook fan page Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand or MRTA Call Center, telephone 0 2716 4044.

Source: Thai News Agency