Expected summary of opinions on the proposed referendum Cabinet during New Year

Bangkok, "Nikorn" spreads out a timeline to visit 4 regions to listen to opinions on the referendum to amend the constitution. It is expected that all will be summarized. The Cabinet gets it during the new year. I admit I encountered a quagmire. Referendum Act Setting two-level majority conditions is almost impossible.

Mr. Nikorn Chamnong, Director of the Chartthaipattana Party As a spokesperson and committee member to consider and study guidelines for holding a referendum To resolve the problem of differing opinions regarding the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand 2017, revealing the time frame for visiting the area to listen to public opinions in order to study the referendum guidelines. and amend the constitution to say that on November 20th, they will go to Wanonniwat District. Sakon Nakhon Province To listen to opinions from farmers, housewife groups, and various localities in the northeastern region. Then on November 23, it will listen to opinions from industrial groups, laborers, and people in the central region. in Samut Prakan Province

“On November 28, we will listen to the opinions of ethnic groups. and northern people in Chiang Mai Province Before listening to the opinions of people in the South and Muslims in Songkhla Province All opinions received will be summarized in order to ask questions. And when the parliamentary session opens, a questionnaire will be conducted on the opinions of the referendum and constitutional amendments from all 750 MPs and senators, but a special parliamentary meeting will not be opened. It is expected that all comments received by the committee will be summarized at the committee meeting on December 22 or 23, including during the last week of December. To summarize the questions and number of times in the referendum. When the new era begins in 2024, all opinions will be summarized for the Cabinet to consider for further action,” Mr. Nikorn said.

As for the case where the holding of the referendum will overlap with the holding of the election of the president of the Provincial Administrative Organization. and members of the Provincial Administrative Organization Council as well. Mr. Nikorn admitted that in organizing the second referendum during November After the amendment to Section 256 of the Constitution is completed, which can be carried out simultaneously. so that people can exercise their rights together and save budget But holding the first referendum was without problems.

Mr. Nikorn revealed the problem in the Act on Holding a Referendum that Section 13 stipulates two levels of conditions for passing a referendum, namely a majority vote of the people having the right to vote, or approximately 26 million eligible people. and must receive a majority of the people who have the right to vote, or approximately 13 million votes. This is almost impossible in practice. He and the sub-committee he oversees will present it to the full committee on November 24th in order to propose solutions to this problem. It may have to be proposed as an Act to amend the Referendum Act. and considered at the parliamentary meeting because it is a law related to reform.

Source: Thai News Agency