BMA strictly monitors dust situation in schools

Strictly monitor the dust situation in Bangkok schools. Coordinate with external networks to join in expanding dust-free classrooms.

Mr. Sanont Wangsangbun, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, revealed the progress in making dust-free classrooms for kindergarten classrooms. Under the supervision of Bangkok that Guidelines for making a dust-free classroom. The key is to make the classroom a closed system by paneling the openings and installing air conditioners. More air purifiers and use innovation to make dust-free rooms. Currently, Bangkok has kindergarten classrooms in 429 schools, a total of 1,743 rooms. There are classrooms with air conditioning in 162 schools, 758 rooms, accounting for 43.5%. There are no air conditioners in 267 schools, 985 rooms, accounting for 56.50%.

The district office has discussed with local networks that wish to join in supporting CSR in order to create additional classrooms. Most recently, we received cooperation from Thai PBS to build dust-fighting classrooms in 36 schools. However, this must be done in parallel, which is to create awareness. And now we are creating a curriculum about dust as part of disasters that children need to learn about. As well as other dangers, to make children aware of living in the city.

Deputy Governor of Bangkok emphasized that this period is a school period. Bangkok must be vigilant. They must follow the measures and report to management every morning. Many schools have placed warning flags according to the level of dust. and emphasize not having outdoor activities on days with high dust levels, such as canceling queues when the dust level is orange. Especially vulnerable groups such as young children or people with chronic diseases. or sick with respiratory disease and let the child enter the dust-free room or a room that is a closed system If the dust situation continues to be severe, it is the power of the school director to consider ordering a temporary suspension of classes to allow children to study online.

In this regard, the Education Bureau has reported at a meeting of the Bangkok Executive Board that it is expected that in the academic year 2024, dust-free classrooms for kindergarten classrooms (1-3 years old) will be able to be built for at least 191 additional schools, 191 rooms. The Education Bureau has received a budget. Year 67, we are currently in the process of procuring purifiers according to the e-bidding process. As for the remaining 985 classrooms, The district office will expedite the physical improvement of classrooms to a closed system. Procure less-needed air conditioners to use in dust-free rooms. and coordinate with the private sector to continue supporting air conditioners.-417

Source: Trend News Agency