“Aj. Od” reveals the results of the examination of the passenger’s leg sucking sliding track as an accident.

Kasetsart University, Bangkhen, July 7- "Od" reveals the results of investigating the cause of the sliding track sucking passengers' legs, 80% of progress is believed to be an accident. After finding an old sliding track The bolts holding the old plate are unable to hold.

from the case of the Don Mueang Airport escalator Inside the domestic arrival terminal Collapsed while being used by passengers As a result, the passenger's leg was sucked until the leg was torn off. and related agencies have set up a committee to investigate the facts on such issues.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wirachai Phutthawong, Lecturer at the Department of Chemistry Faculty of Arts and Sciences Kasetsart University As an independent academic committee, fact-checking revealed that from yesterday's meeting (July 6) at Don Mueang Airport 80% progress is caused by the plate coming off the square rail. By the knots where ABC cannot hold the plate. while rolling down at the end of the track can be moved Only position D is held and dangling the shackle plate on the bottom, move it for 10 seconds until the safety switch is activated. The escalator therefore stops.

10 seconds as the escalator tried to push forward, the passenger's leg, which had dropped to the E position, was pushed continuously, hitting a metal edge that was almost 1 centimeter thick, causing serious injury. It's not yet involved in causing an accident. Even without the comb, there's no chance of the leg going down that much.

CCTV footage of the scene It was found that there were 4 closed circuit cameras. The inspectorate committee had the opportunity to see images from all cameras and found that there was one near the scene of the accident. but that second Just as the camera rotates in the other direction As for the other camera that can see the whole picture far away There was a passenger walking over to block that area exactly at the time of the incident. Causing the images obtained from the CCTV still unable to clearly see the events that occurred After this, the AI system may be used to help capture more images from CCTV. but can confirm that when the incident occurred Officers and employees from nearby airlines came to help the victims in a very short time.

yesterday's meeting Initially, all senior executives admitted that it was an accident. and take responsibility in all respects In which he proposed to simulate the situation again and there will be another meeting. in order to decipher the lesson to draw conclusions about the exact cause In order not to cause this kind of incident to happen again and Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited will be a press conference.

In addition, it was found that the escalator has been installed since 1987 and there are 5 safety switches. The main problem is the old age when compared to the newer escalator. Like Suvarnabhumi Airport, it is very safe. As soon as the shoe strap is hooked, the machine stops immediately. It was also suggested that if any place still uses the old sliding way like this, it should add an emergency button to support emergencies that may occur. Because according to the principle, if pressing the emergency stop button, the escalator will stop immediately.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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