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Zika virus cases in Chiang Mai not serious

Health officials in Sansai district of Chiang Mai have assured that although there were four new cases of Zika virus infection in the past one month, but the transmission was contained.

Assurance by Sansai district officer Adul Huaknil came after a meeting was called to assess the Zika virus situation in the district.

Attending the meeting were health officials from all health offices in the district.

The meeting was informed that until yesterday there were altogether seven Zika virus infection cases in the past three months, with four new infection cases last month.

Among the seven infected patients is a six-month pregnant woman.

Initially health officials have declared Moo 4 and 9 villages in Ban Mae Jo as control area for 28 days.

All villagers in the control area have been advised to eliminate all bleeding sources of mosquitoes to prevent the disease from spreading.

The situation is under control and transmission was contained, he said.

Meanwhile Department of Disease Control (DDC) director-general Amnuay Gajeena said the Zika virus situation in Thailand remained unchanged.

According to the Bangkok Post, he said although new cases have been discovered but the transmissions have been contained following strict control measures.

According to the Public Health Ministry, 97 Zika cases were reported in Thailand from January to the end of June, compared with an average of five to seven each year in the past.

Zika patients came from 16 of the country's provinces, but only four provinces still are on the transmission watch list.

The rest have completed their 28-day surveillance programme without new cases being reported, which means they have passed the virus's incubation period, he said.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)