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Yingluck appears in Court

Ms Yingluck made the comment as she appeared at the Supreme Court's Criminal Division for Political Office Holders for the fifth hearing of testimony by defending witnesses.

Wearing in black and with tearful eyes, the former prime minister said nobody could understand her position if they did not get such illegitimate order and unfair practice.

She said she would not make further comments as now the country is still in the mourning atmosphere.

But she insisted she would resort to all legal channels to fight and would give a press conference in due process and time.

She said all process from the beginning to the compensation demand was incorrect and unfair and she has formally objected to it.

She said the rice pledging scheme trial would obstruct the implementation of policy to help farmers and was a concern.

If only profit and loss was taken into consideration in implementing national rice policy, next government could hardly take good care of the people and farmers as no new measure would be out to help them..

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)