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Yanhee hospital agrees to treat student’s disfigured face

Social worker Ms Paveena Hongsakul has stepped in to arrange for medical treatment for 17-year old high school student who has her face disfigured after a teacher allegedly threw a ceramic coffee mug at her.

Ms Paveena, chair of the Paveena Foundation, told the media on Wednesday that the immediate priority now is to rectify her disfigured face and eye problem which can get worse and beyond repairs if they are not treated quickly.

The high school student of Chokechai Samakkhi school in Nong Boonmark district of Nakhon Ratchasima, Nong Sai , alleged that the physical education teacher, Mr Paithoon Klangkrathok threw a ceramic mug into a group of female students, including herself, because they stood up while the rest were sitting on the floor without his prior permission. The mug hit her face and harmed facial muscles, disfiguring her face, she said, adding that one of her eyes was also injured and blurred her vision.

The case went public after the student's family and the teacher failed to reach an agreement on compensation payment for the girl's medical treatment.

But the teacher claimed that he threw the plastic coffee cup at a concrete wall and it reflected and hit the girl's head. The school director, Mr Samak Waikhunthod, also insisted that it was a plastic cup and the teacher did not intend to hurt her.

Ms Paveena on Wednesday took Nong Sai to Yanhee hospital to see the hospital director, Dr Supote Samritvanichha who, together with a team of doctors examined the victim's conditions to map out treatment process.

Dr Supote said that, from initial examination, there was no broke bone on the victim's face but some nerve vessels might be damaged by the force of the coffee mug. He added that medical treatment might take 3-6 months.

However, Yanhee hospital has promised to take care of the victim and to cover most of the medical expenses although the Paveena Foundation has agreed to share some of the expenses.

A fact-finding panel headed by the school director has been set up by the director of the 31st zone education office to investigate the case.

Meanwhile, the teacher who threw the ceramic coffee mug was removed from the school pending the investigation.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)