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Wissanu summons Buddhism office chief to discuss temple frauds

Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam said today that the government might not revise the monastic law governing the state subsidies to temple affairs.

His indication came after he invited Pol Lt Col Pongpon Pramsaneh, director of the National Office of Buddhism, to a discussion of the subsidy fraud at Government House today.

He said he held the meeting after seeing the issue going to expand and he wanted to know from the director how much he has done and what he would do next.

He declined to elaborate if the state would demand the return of the misappropriated subsidies from the corrupted officials.

So far over 30 million baht had been siphoned off from funds granted to 12 temples.

The National Anti-Corruption Commission meanwhile said 60 more temples were detected to have their state subsidies siphoned off by same gang comprising former director of the Buddhism office, and current officials.

The amount of subsidies taken away was over 60 million baht.

Most of these temples are in the southern region.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)