Wife “S” shares the moment “Nong Valentina” acts as a nurse to take care of her father.

Nine Entertainment, May 25 – Wife "S" shares moments of various feelings. "Nong Valentina", the daughter, acts as a nurse to take care of her father.

It's been 16 days since the good-natured protagonist "Es Kantapong" has been hospitalized in an intensive care unit. after fainting in the middle of the Big Debate event on May 9th And while being taken to the hospital “S”, the heart stops beating, CPR must be performed for a total of 45 minutes.

"Kitty Christina" wife of "S" came out to record a clip telling her husband's symptoms that there is no good news now. because even though the body "S" will respond to the treatment But the condition is still in critical condition, the doctor said "S" has a heart attack. But still unable to find the exact cause. must look at the day-to-day symptoms, which "Kitty Christina" and "Nong Valentina", the daughter came to watch the condition beside the bed not far away.

Recently, "Kitty" has shared a picture revealing the moment. "Valentina", a little daughter Working as a mini nurse Help measure the oxygen at the fingertips for Father.

Source: Thai News Agency

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