Water Festival… Thai Way of Life Begins, Khon Kaen Province

Khon Kaen 13 Apr- Khon Kaen Province And the Tourism Authority of Thailand joins the opening of the Water Festival 2023, a traditional Isan Songkran merit festival. Villagers and tourists perform exorcism ceremonies. to ward off bad things Enhance the prosperity to welcome the Thai New Year.

Before performing the desecration ceremony have summoned the Buddha image in the temple or the ancient Sim Came out for people to pour water in front of Sim as well For the important equipment in the bad luck ceremony, there are 4 Jae flags made from banana leaf stalks, divided into 9 rooms, containing black rice, red rice, yellow rice, popped flowers rice, Sompoi juice, and holy thread. as an offering to the gods to ward off bad things Increase the auspiciousness, enhance the fortune, is an ancient Isaan ceremony that has been inherited for hundreds of years. The tourists were impressed with the opportunity to participate in this ceremony as well.

In this regard, Mr. Panthep Saokosol, Deputy Governor of Khon Kaen Province presided over the opening ceremony of the Water Festival 2023, a Songkran merit tradition Traditional Isaan under the concept of "Good fun Overcoming the Thai New Year. Cheerful and comfortable" at Chaisri Temple, Savathi Sub-district, Mueang Khon Kaen District. Khon Kaen In addition to exorcism Visitors will be able to see art and culture. Through the performance of Mo Lam Sa Wathi which gave rise to the famous Mor Lam band "Rhetorical Arts" as well.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency