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Watchdog Thailand to pursue animal cruelty charge against a Bangkok physician

Watchdog Thailand Foundation (WDT) is collecting evidence of animal cruelty to pursue legal action against a Bangkok physician for allegedly injecting chemical substance into a Pomeranian puppy bought from a dog farm in Chumphon.

The movement by the animal watchdog came after Udomsak Sakulpradit, an owner of a dog farm in Chumphon's Lang Suan district lodged complaint with the foundation that he suspected the dog might be a victim of business competition to discredit his farm by a customer who is a physician at a Bangkok hospital.

Mr Udomsak said he sold the male Pomeranian dog to the physician for 100,000 baht in May 2017. Four months later, the physician posted on the social media accusing his dog farm of selling the unhealthy dog to him, and sought for the replacement of the dog.

Mr Udomsak said he agreed to get the dog back but with request that the physician deleted the posts attacking his farm from the social media.

Mr Udomsak said he later examined the poor Pomeranian dog and found it had severely irritated eyes and swollen face and mouth. Besides the dog's hair colour had changed, possibly from chemical dye.

The dog farm owner suspected that the dog might be ill-treated by the physician to claim a replacement and to discredit his dog farm as he learned that the customer is also doing a dog farm business.

A WDT official said the foundation had earlier received similar complaint from a bulldog farm owner that one of his bulldog sold to a customer was injected with some chemicals on the face, which later caused its face to deform.

This might be the same case and WDT was collecting more evidence from the two dog farms to pursue animal cruelty charge on the culprit.

In a latest development, the physician has came to defend himself saying the dog was sick, not from chemical injection.

He said he suspected that business competition might be a reason for him to be bullied by competitor as he also has a dog farm.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)