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Watana deny charges concerning missing 1932 revolution plaque

Pheu Thai Party core member Watana Muangsook on Monday (Dec 18) denied charges of incitement of unrest and violation of the Computer Crime Act concerning the missing of the historical plaque commemorating the 1932 revolution embedded on the ground at the Royal Plaza.

Accompanied by his lawyer, Mr Watana arrived at the Criminal Court on Monday morning as appointed by the public prosecutor to hear the court judge read the charges against him.

After the judge finishing reading the charges, Mr Watana denied the charges, saying that he would defend himself in the court. He admitted that he posted a statement in his Facebook page regarding the missing historical plague, but maintained that he merely expressed his opinion in bona fide in accordance with the Constitution.

The court allowed the prosecutor to present his 11 witnesses in three hearings and the defendant to present 11 witnesses in four hearings.

The original plaque went missing mysteriously and was replaced by a new one. It still remains a mystery who stole the plaque and for what purpose.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)