“Warawut” looks at “Pitha”, traveling to thank the people of Suphan is normal

BANGKOK, July 9- "Warawut" is not afraid, "Pitha" walks to thank the people of Suphan Buri. Stepping on the land of the dragon said it was normal because it was one of the 76 provinces, agreeing, announcing an announcement asking MPs to vote according to the National Democratic Party principle. P. I want to stand up and not change Section 112

On July 9, 2023, Mr. Warawut Silpa-archa, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment as the leader of the Chart Thai Pattana Party mentioning the case of Mr. Phitha Lim Chareonrat far-reaching party leader Traveling to Suphan Buri Province in order to thank the vote Ready to step on the land of the dragon that probably is not the place of the dragon, Suphan Buri Province is considered one of the 76 provinces in Thailand, it is normal.

When asked about the case of Mr. Phitha Announced on stage that asked the public to help speak with MPs for the district that there is no need to choose Mr. Phitha or a far-reaching party But asked to choose that democratic system, Mr. Warawut said that he agreed because democracy has both majority votes. and minority voices He remembered when the Progressive Party was in opposition and still spoke on the issue of minority rights. It is in line with democratic principles, understandable.

When asked about what the direction of the Chart Thai Pattana Party's vote will be on July 13, Mr. Warawut said that he would like to discuss clarity within the party first, who will propose a contest, which on the day On July 13 in the morning there will be a party meeting. Discuss before the council

When asked to repeat that will tend to choose to share their hearts with the Progressive Party Or have a stance that we will definitely not choose a far-reaching party. Mr. Warawut said he had to ask to talk to the party first. which will be issued as a consistent guideline But what we say is the approach of the Chart Thai Pattana Party. Regarding not interfering with the amendment of Article 112, this is what we stand for. .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency