USTDA-EGAT joint study Electricity Authority pumps back Vajiralongkorn Dam

USTDA-EGAT jointly study the feasibility of Vajiralongkorn Dam Pumped-storage Power Plant Project. Continuing to develop large-scale energy storage systems Create stability of electricity generation from clean energy.

Mr. Robert F. Godec, Ambassador of the United States of America to Thailand as a representative of the US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) and Mr. Boonyanit Wongrakmit, Governor of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) signed a feasibility study Pumped-storage hydropower plant project at Vajiralongkorn Dam, Kanchanaburi Province, to develop Thailand's clean energy infrastructure. Promote global policies towards carbon neutrality and create stability in Thailand's electric power

Ms. Enoh T. Ebong, Director of the United States Trade and Development Organization (USTDA), said that USTDA and EGAT have been partners in the development of Thailand's energy infrastructure. Continuously for more than 30 years, which supports this project reflects the common goal of creating sustainable clean energy security. This cooperation marks a good starting point for sharing experience and knowledge in the development of pumped-storage hydropower plants.

For a pumped-storage hydroelectric power plant, it is a power plant with two reservoirs: upper reservoir and the lower reservoir Water from the upper reservoir will be released to generate additional electricity to the system in case of urgent demand for electricity. During the period when the demand for electricity is low or less The remaining electricity in the system will be used to supply to a large water pump to pump water from the lower reservoir back up to be stored in the upper reservoir for further use in electricity generation.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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