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Toilet charges at 70 pay toilets lifted

The Transport Ministry says it has now lifted toilet charges at 70 pay toilets at bus terminals nationwide and is considering to lift charges at the remaining 47 terminals.

The lifting of toilet charges was in response to the government's policy to facilitate the people in using public pay toilets and to improve the public toilet standards that cover quality, cleanliness, hygiene, safe and sufficiency.

Transport department director general Sanit Promwong said after inspecting the progress in the improvement of all the department's pay toilets at all bus terminals nationwide to meet official standards that toilet charges at 70 toilets from a total 117 within the bus terminals have been lifted.

The remaining 47 toilets where the charges could not be lifted because they were rented to the private sector to operate.

But he said the department would negotiate with the private operators to fulfill the government's free toilet policy soon.

He said this would be held alongside the improvement of all toilets to meet official standards required by the Department of Public Health that gives priorities to health, accessibility and safety.

He explained further that the standard toilet must also serve the handicapped and the aged with convenience and safety.

He said the department has a model of a standard toilet for all operators to improve or build with focus on cleanliness, hygiene and sufficiency to meet the growing number of passengers.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)