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Thousands stranded as airport rail link service disrupted again

Thousands of morning commuters were stranded at the Airport Rail Link's eight stations after the train's automatic doors at Ramkhamhaeng station did not shut.

The malfunctioning of the train's doors happened during the morning rush hour as the train coming from Suvarnabhumi airport station to Phayathai station arrived at Ramkhamhaeng station at about 8.00am.

The incident forced all the ARL's stations to delay departures of the trains, pending the maintenance of the incident at Ramkhamhaeng station.

But as time passed by, more and more unaware commuters came to ARL stations but were not allowed to enter the platforms. No clarification was announced by ARL, thus causing some stations to be overcrowded with passengers spilling over to outside the stations, particularly at Hua Mark.

Some commuters have to ask for refund and take other transportations instead after having forced to wait over 15 minutes with no clarification.

It was until after almost half an hour that the problem at Ramkhamhaeng station was resolved, and trains started to arrive to pick up stranded commuters at eight stations along its 29-kilometre long route from Suvarnabhumi airport to Phayathai station.

This latest incident drew widespread comment from commuters on the ARL service owned and operated by the State Railway of Thailand.

On March 21 last year, a major incident happened at Ramkhamhaeng station when a train's air conditioning and ventilation system broke down forcing hundreds of commuters on the train to break open the doors as breathing becoming difficult after they were locked inside the train on the tracks amid the sun.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)