The War Elephants advance to the round of 16 at the Asian Games.

The Thai men's national soccer team narrowly advanced to the round of 16 at the Asian Games. By being ranked 3rd best, 1 of 4 teams.

Men's football competition in the 19th Asian Games, Group E, final match at Zhejiang East University Stadium. The Thai national team, wearing blue uniforms, entered the field to meet Kuwait. In the first 2 matches, Thailand tied with Bahrain 1-1 and lost to South Korea 0-4, leaving them still hoping to advance to the next round. Like Kuwait, there is still a chance. Just 9 minutes into the game, Chakkraphong Saenmahung half-shot, half-passed. The ball hit the goal giving Thailand a 1-0 lead before the first half ended with this score. In the second half, Thailand tried to play tight to keep the score. But Kuwait equalized in the 89th minute from Youssef Al Hakan, ending the game tied 1-1, increasing Thailand's lead to 2 points. Another result, South Korea beat Bahrain 3-0, making the War Elephants finish 3rd in the group, but still The 4 best 3rd place teams from 6 groups advance to the knockout round of 16.

The next match schedule for the Thai national team will meet Iran on September 27 at 3:30 p.m. at Chancheng Sports Center Stadium.

Purachet Todsanit, Thai national football player I admit there was a mistake at the end of the game. Causing him to score an equalizing goal But overall, everyone helped each other well.

After the game, "Coach Har" Issara Sritaro, the head coach said. Unfortunately we were unable to close the game. But the team met their goal. is to qualify After this, you must hurry to rehabilitate your body. The game against Iran in the next round will be full.

As for the interesting results in Group B, match 3, Vietnam played against Saudi Arabia. In this game, Saudi Arabia was superior, defeating Vietnam 3-1. The Saudi team, in green, took the lead before the 43rd minute from a corner kick. Mohamed Aliyami's second half, Saudi Arabia got two more goals from Mohammed Marran's solo shot in the 87th minute and Zakaria Hausavi's shot in the 87th minute. at 90. As for Vietnam, they were beaten by an own goal from a Saudi player. The game ended with Vietnam losing 1-3 and being eliminated in the first round of the men's Asian Games

Source: Thai News Agency