THE TOYS flies to the international sky Show your skill at Fuji Rock Festival 2023

Nine Entertainment July 31- "THE TOYS" is full, making the Fuji Rock Festival 2023 boiling! World-class guitarist ICHIKA joins ahead of his first solo concert in Japan.

is considered a quality artist that has been well received by Thai fans and foreign music fans. for talented young singers like "THE TOYS" or "Toy-Thanawa Boonsungnern"

Most recently, I flew to the international sky to show my skill. And make a full impression on the fans at the world's largest music festival, Fuji Rock Festival 2023, Japan. This event is filled with a special show. Carrying hit songs that call for screams from foreign fans

In addition, to increase the degree of anger, invite a very skilled Special Guest, ranked as 1 of 10 world-class guitarists like ICHIKA NITO, to join in a special song, Colors, as well as surprise the fans by singing for the first time in Japanese.

Source: Thai News Agency