The only one in Thailand Kapong people continue the tradition of carrying baskets.

One in Thailand Kapong people continue the tradition of carrying baskets. Receive the tenth lunar month festival Dedicate merit to the ancestors who have passed away.

The Tenth Lunar Month Festival Festival, year 2023, at the Kapong District Central Stadium, Phang Nga Province, has a jat or basket procession. At each village, handicrafts are meticulously prepared. indicates the local culture Participate in the contest along with the procession of each village wearing local costumes to participate along with a fancy procession

The tradition of Sarth day of the tenth lunar month, Kapong district, has an important activity that is unlike any other and has been preserved and passed down, namely, the procession of baskets. The baskets are containers that are decorated by the creator. Most of them are decorated similar to a rectangular Thai-shaped house, similar to a palanquin and carrying poles. Inside, they are packed with dry food. Tenth lunar month snacks, various utensils, and fruits to be offered to the temple. It is a dedication of merit to relatives who have passed away and on the 15th day of the waning moon of the tenth lunar month, there will be a procession from the village to the nearby temple every year. It is considered a unique identity that the villagers of Kapong District have been inheriting together for a long time.

Basket parade of Kapong District There will be no less than 10 men in the village joining together to carry baskets that are beautifully decorated according to tradition. Beat the drums to the rhythm of the procession. In some moments there is a rotation of the basket. and move to the rhythm of the drums Along with lighting firecrackers to celebrate before the said basket entered the temple. To attend the traditional merit-making ceremony on Sarth day of the tenth lunar month of the people of Kapong District, Phang Nga Province.

Source: Thai News Agency