The Ministry of Public Health sends health care teams for Thai Muslims Throughout the Hajj ceremony

Bangkok, May 20-MOD sends a team of medical personnel Take care of the health of Thai Muslims. Throughout participating in the Hajj ceremony in Saudi Arabia

Today (20 May 2023) at Suvarnabhumi Airport Samut Prakan Province Dr. Supachok pharmaceuticals Assistant Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health gave an interview that assigned by Dr. Opas Karkawinphong Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health Let's give encouragement to medical personnel and medical office staff for the Hajj affairs of Thailand. who will travel to take care of the health of Thai Muslims who go to perform the Hajj ceremony in Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the year 2023 (H.S. 1444). This year, about 1. 20,000 people start traveling from May 21 to June 23, 2023 and will gradually return to Thailand from July 3 to August 2, 2023 before traveling to perform the ceremony. The Ministry of Public Health has prepared for travelers. with risk screening provide health care advice Including vaccination to prevent 3 diseases: COVID-19, influenza and meningococcal disease along with issuing a document certifying vaccination and also training Haj Health Volunteers (Haj Volunteers) to coordinate and take care of primary health care. As well as participating in field service with the medical team.

Dr. Supachok continued that between May 21 and August 2, 2023, when Thai Muslim brothers and sisters reside in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. to perform Hajj The Ministry of Public Health has organized a team of doctors and medical personnel consisting of doctors, pharmacists, professional nurses. Public Health Officers, including 42 people, with Dr. Zulkiflei Yuzo, Director of Maikaen Hospital Pattani Province and deputy director of the Southern Border Provinces Health Development Administration Center Acting as Head of the Medical Office for Hajj Affairs of Thailand and divided the travel set into 3 sets

Today, the first medical team of 15 people will depart on duty until July 8, 2023, while the second team will travel between June 2 - July 21, 2023, and the third team between June 15 - August 3, 2023. After the pilgrims return to Thailand There will be continuous health monitoring for another 14 days as well.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency