The Election Commission does not rush to judge “Pitha” holding media shares before the election

Election Commission of Thailand, May 11- The Election Commission does not rush to determine the qualifications of "Pitha" holding media shares before the election. little time left must be fair revealed that there were list candidates filed for bankruptcy Find more facts before submitting to the court for consideration

Mr. Sawang Boonmee, Secretary-General of the Election Commission of Thailand (ECT) mentioned the case of a complaint against Mr. Phitha. Lim Chareonrat Kao Klai party leader holds media shares, ITV Plc. that has not seen the petition. This story is about features. There are 3 stages according to the law: before Election Day. period after election day and during the announcement of the election results Before the election, according to Section 61 of the Act on the Election of MPs, if the Election Commission has inspected see that there is no qualification to be submitted to the Supreme Court for consideration Which now has only 2 days left, but if you can't do it in time after the election before the announcement If it is found that such person is prohibited from running for election The Election Commission will pass a resolution to prosecute Section 151 of the criminal offense, knowing that Qualified to apply but also apply which such action It will not be a cause for not announcing the results of the election. Therefore, the result must be announced as an MP first.

“Then it will be done after the result announcement. There is section 82 of the constitution, which specifies a way to proceed, either allowing MPs or senators to submit their names to the Constitutional Court or the Election Commission to submit to the Constitutional Court, "said Sawang.

When asked why the Election Commission did not submit a proposal to the Supreme Court to consider proceedings before the election Because if filed after the election, it will have a greater impact. Mr. Sawang said that everything has a process that must be fair to the accused. When there is a complaint The office will collect evidence. Must allow the accused to clarify the allegations. before presenting it to the Election Commission of Thailand for consideration, which takes time For example, today (May 11), the agency that the Election Commission of Thailand has asked for cooperation in examining candidate qualifications. Just sent the latest information to find that there are candidates for MPs. One person was ordered by the court to be bankrupt, but the Election Commission deems it necessary to be fair and get the facts to be settled first Therefore, the Office was asked to investigate the fact that Is the bankruptcy order still effective? and how the accused has proceeded in the matter of fighting or not After that, the committee gradually considered the matter of submitting to the court. Therefore, the issue of fairness and impact must be separated from each other.

Source: Thai News Agency