The dog keeps an eye on its owner. after loud drunk was injured by a neighbor

Chonburi 13 May-The dog is not far away. After the owner was drunk loudly was injured by a neighbor Waiting for rescuers to take him to the hospital The dog sits and watches Saleng, not allowing anyone to get close.

last night Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Rescue Radio Center, Pattaya City Chonburi Province Receive reports of assault, injuries, ask for help Community Police Office, Area 2, Rong Poh, Bang Lamung Police Station, Chonburi Province After receiving the notification, he brought the staff to hurry to inspect. At the scene in front of the community police office, Mr. Sompong, 40, was found riding a modified motorcycle as a saleng. bloody face Came to ask for help from the police There was a broken eyebrow wound, a broken head, first aid rescuers before sending to the hospital. with a male black Thai dog looking at the owner with the rescue vehicle before going up to sit and watch the saleng car don't let anyone get close

Mr. Sompong, the injured man, said that sitting at home drinking alcohol had problems. cause physical harm to a neighbor which he did not care I just want the police to warn me not to do something like this again. As for the cause of an annoyed neighbor who drank loudly. therefore attacked.

Source: Thai News Agency

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