The Department of Mental Health pointed out the political views of each person differently.

Bangkok, May 15 – The Department of Mental Health pointed out that each person's political views are different. beg to communicate with understanding different but not divided

Today (May 15, 2023), the Department of Mental Health asks society to follow up on election results reports with consciousness. Appropriately take time to discuss election results. Because everyone has a base of appreciation. different beliefs and experiences There will surely be a variety of expectations. As a result, there are people who have different opinions and are unsatisfied with the outcome of the election. Families and communities should communicate with understanding. Accept and prevent conflicts that may lead to violence in the family or in society.

Dr. Amporn Benjaphon Phithak The Director-General of the Department of Mental Health said that due to the increasing interest in politics in the election on May 15, 2023, the Department of Mental Health closely monitored the emotional and mental health situation of the people. as in every important event in society And from the report of the Mental Health Check In system as of May 15, 2023, it was found that people's stress levels began to increase from 2.17 percent since the beginning of 2023 and in the two weeks before the election. The level of stress increased to 3.07 percent and doubled the level. Is higher than 6.0 percent on some days and during this time of waiting for the official election results There is a tendency for people's stress to continue to rise. especially in families or groups In a society with members of many age groups That may have more influence on different political views.

Dr. Amporn said that what should not be overlooked is Election reporting situation that people from many sectors are still focused on monitoring whether the party or person they choose will be successful or not In the cycle of elections, there will always be those who have voted according to their hopes and those who have not met their expectations. If those who follow the news can't take care of their emotions There may be arguments or violence that occur after the election. The Department of Mental Health proposes recommendations for mental health care and relationships with those around you during the time of waiting for the official election results with the principles of 4 No, 4 Must, and 4 No, which are: 2. Do not ridicule, insult or ridicule those who are disappointed. 3. Don't be emotional Too many feelings for the news 4. Don't imitate not aggravate the disappointment of those involved in the situation

4 must include: 1. Must listen with an open mind. 2. Must avoid receiving too much news 3. You must always take care of your physical and mental health. 4. Must encourage, talk with consciousness and polite words to show concern. This opportunity, in addition to those who are unsatisfied, must accept different opinions. Those who fulfill their wishes must show respect. sportsmanship by accepting different opinions So that family or relatives can improve bonds and society can continue macro-political development. with peace and serenity

The Department of Mental Health urges people to follow the results of the election vote with consciousness and calmness. But if you feel stressed, you can explore your mental health with the Mental Health Check-In (MHCI) to know how to take care of yourself. or get counseling at a health facility near home Or call the mental health hotline 1323, 24 hours a day, to strengthen mental health and family bonds. during the official election results.-

Source: Thai News Agency