Thai stocks rose 14.35 points, buying back big stocks.

Bangkok, May 22 – The SET closed today at 1,529.24 points, an increase of 14.35 points (+0.95%), trading value of 55,532.65 million baht, large stock buyback (BiG Cap), led by CPALL AOT GULF.

stock trading today index volatility From moving down to negative territory, falling below 1,500 points in the morning. and turned around in positive territory in the afternoon, with a peak of 1,531.01 points and a low of 1,491.12 points, while securities changed today, increasing 248 securities, decreasing 246 securities and unchanging 155 securities.

Mr. Chaiyaporn Nompitakcharoen managing director Securities Trading Division, Bualuang Securities said that concerns about political factors this evening were made clear from the announcement of the MOU of the Kao Klai Party. and the coalition government Including the lack of a policy that creates social friction of the Progressive Party is included in the MOU from the news document. It is expected that the formation of the government and the vote for the Prime Minister from the Progressive Party will be able to proceed successfully. Most other stock markets in Asia today rose. .–Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency